MMTS-C: Mobile Marksmanship Training Simulator Compact

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The MMTS is purpose-built in both full-size and compact configurations, each having distinct advantages and training values. The full-size version features dual consoles that function as an integrated instructor control station and secondary CPU necessary for advanced training modules, such as Crosshair™ Magnified Optics Simulator. The compact version is smaller, lighter, and lower cost than the full-size version, while maintaining most of the performance levels and peripheral compatibilities. It accomplishes this by featuring a single integrated console and smaller projector, which is all that is needed to run most Laser Shot courseware.

Laser Shot understands that training requirements change over time, and the compact version of the MMTS is upgradable in the future with an external Instructor Control Station module should the need to train with magnified optics arise.

Laser Shot’s Mobile Marksmanship Training Simulator Compact (MMTS-C) is a multifunctional firearms simulator designed to address basic and advanced firearms training requirements for small arms with no contractor support required. Optional add-on modules of mission-specific training courseware or specialized weapon systems can elevate standard weapons training to address all individual and collective training requirements.

All critical system hardware (projector, laser-hit detection cameras, computer, speakers, and networking hardware) are mounted in fixed positions inside a rugged portable case for easy setup and operation. The MMTS-C is considered a plug-and-play solution that is designed specifically for the training needs of military and law enforcement professionals. The MMTS-C is designed to have the projector with hit detection camera placed on the floor. 

Courseware can be customized to meet specific training requirements with titles that specialize in individual marksmanship training, reflexive fire, use-of-force, immersive collective scenarios, mission rehearsal, and firearms skill building. The MMTS-C is scalable and training can be conducted in multiples of up to four lanes per 14ft screen and networked together for higher training throughput. Courseware replicates actual training and strictly adheres to qualification standards.



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Click here for the MMTS (full-size version)    Click here for the Warrior Skills Trainer (WST) 



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Setting up the MMTS-C is an intuitive process that requires minimal time and effort. After one introductory training session, a single operator will be able to complete the setup, which includes automated camera calibration, and be ready for training in 30 minutes or less. Short throw technology for projection and hit detection capabilities make Laser Shot’s MMTS-C the smallest footprint of any simulator in its class, which can be set up in a 14’x21’ room or area, and can operate in most lighting environments.

Laser Shot training courseware supports up to four independent lanes of training per 14ft projection screen. This enhanced throughput maximizes the number of warfighters that can be trained at a single time, making a single MMTS-C ideal for the company / troop / battery / squadron level. Multiple MMTS-C units can be networked together for lanes training in multiples of four - all operated by a single operator station - during which each warfighter’s training statistics can be recorded for analysis by unit leaders to identify which individuals require additional training.


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  • “Turn-key” system design ensures quick set-up
    Integrated Instructor Station

  • Compatible with Small Arms and Crew-Served
    Simulated Weapon Systems

  • Individual and Collective Skills Training
  • Compabile with VBS3 Tactical Weapon Simulator
    for Tactical Engagement Training

  • Accurate Ballistics Simulation for Realistic Training
  • Utilizes Space Efficiently



  • Scalable - Add Additional Lanes Through Networking
    Multiple MMTS Units Together

  • Sensored Feedback for Simulated Weapons


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